Learning to surf and being a part of the ocean is an amazing experience and can be a very cool life style. Surfing is a wonderful workout and it feels so cool to ride the oceans energy. All of our programs are designed to teach the process of surfing. We provide quality wetsuits and soft surfboards and awesome instructors. These classes can be for the very beginner to the pretty good to the shred master.

Where to Meet

Once you have made a reservation you will then receive a confirmation email with more details on location. Depending on the ocean swells we either meet at Solimar beach, Surfers’ Point (Crowne Plaza) or another Ventura surfing destination. We will contact you the day before the lesson or outing to confirm the conditions and surfing location.

Our online reservation process will guide you through reserving your lesson. If you have a group outing click on the group reservation page.

Costs: 1-1/2 hour lesson $135.00 and $50 each half hour after.

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