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Frequently Asked Questions

How many kids can we invite and what is provided?

The $400 price for the birthday party is for 10 kids but larger groups can be accomodated. We like to meet at Solimar Beach as the waves are very consistent and it's a great place to learn how to surf. We'll provide the surf instructors, equipment (wetsuits and surfboards), 10x10 shade/tent, table, tablecloth, sunscreen, water. There is a portable restroom but no running water. When we're not surfing, we'll talk about the ocean and play games on the beach. We like to meet around 9:00am so there is still plenty of free parking. This is especially important on the weekends.

What is the instructor to kids ratio for a party of 10 kids?

For 10 kids we might need 2 instructors, maybe 3. Depends on how many in the group know how to swim. We will need a waiver signed by their parents and brought with you the day of the party. You can download them from the website. We don't need a deposit but if you want to save 10% you can use paypal (instructions come with the email confirmation). Use the individual reservations button under private lessons and provide additional details about 4-10 ages, abilities, etc in the text box at the bottom. The party will go from 9-1 and we'll make sure that we include ocean science and respect for the environment talking points mixed in with the fun time.


Ventura, California. Close to Rincon, one of California's best point breaks, along with stellar surfing at Emma Wood and Solimar-just far enough from Los Angeles and close enough to Santa Barbara. It's a great place to meet on beautiful uncrowded beaches. There is a great local vibe in the water with everyone sharing the stoke. Ventura hosted the first prize-money surfing contest (in 1965), and it was here that three-time world champ Tom Curren and the "phun hog/tube junkies" Malloy brothers perfected their moves. Ventura's cool old downtown-wedged up against the foothills a few blocks from the Pacific-is packed with eateries, thrift shops, and bookstores. For more information Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau.

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