Summer Surf Camps 2021

Join the Surfclass Summer Surf Sessions .

Along with the fundamentals of surfing the students learn ocean science, how to read surf reports, marine biology and how surfboards are shaped. The program will be held at Solimar Beach; We have CDC protocols in place. All participants will be screened for signs of Covid 19 and sign the recommended waivers.

Class Times:

Monday and Friday from 1pm-3pm

Cost $80 drop in or $325 for 5 days 9am-12pm

Reservations: Email or call- 805-815-9594

Activities Include- Science, Math, Physical Education

  1. Marine Bio-Science Q&A-Example “How do fish breath? Why is there salt in the ocean? How are shells made?
  2. Surf Star Training-Obstacle course, hurdles, jump over hole.-PE
  3. Frisbee-Science-How it spins, counter, clockwise etc.-Science-Physics 
  4. Frisbee-Distance, accuracy, freestyle. Exercise
  5.  Sandcastle Building-Architecture, construction, math
  6. Treasure Hunts– Problem solving
  7. Art in sand with natural surroundings-Art
  8. Dart Board in sand-Use shells and pebbles as darts.
  9. Beach Clean Ups-Enviro
  10. Paint Shells and rocks-Art
  11. Books, stories, magazines-Reading
  12. Math Games with shells and seaweed. 3+5 shells =8-2=6! How long is the seaweed? Bring a tape measure! -Math
  13. Names of shapes-Geometry
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